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Thank you.

To all of my fantastic supporters:

I want to thank you for joining my campaign to restore trust in our elected government and forge an exciting future for our city. I will never forget your commitment and enthusiasm for what became a true movement for progressive reform. Although the election results were not all we had hoped for, our work together will have lasting value for every D.C. citizen.

With your support, I was able to speak across the city about the need for high-quality neighborhood schools within walking distance of every home, affordable public transit that connects residents of all neighborhoods to amenities and jobs, and investments in our youth to prepare them for a healthy and productive future—and reduce crime, homelessness, and teen pregnancy.

And our campaign led by example, not only decrying pay-to-play politics but also proving that a leading candidate doesn't have to sell out to corporations and city contractors. This leadership bolstered other reform candidates who prevailed, including Charles Allen in Ward 6 and Brianne Nadeau in Ward 1.  [MORE]

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